Out of Order

The Growing Role of Cities in Foreign Affairs

Episode Summary

The line separating local from global issues is blurring. Inequality, climate change, the integration of migrants and refugees, and the growing influence of China are just some of the critical transnational issues affecting cities today. None of it can be properly addressed or resolved without the world’s metropolises and their leaders. On this episode of Out of Order, we’re talking about the burgeoning role of cities in international affairs -- how cities conduct diplomacy and how they work with one another to solve global problems. In recent years we’ve seen the creation of many offices dedicated to international affairs in cities, professionalizing international engagement and building a key vertical connection that gives the local level a voice in a multi-layered global environment. Our guests this week are two people who know this field well: Dr. Gabriele Goldfuss, Director of the Office for International Affairs for the city of Leipzig in Germany; and Ambassador Henri-Paul Normandin, former Director of International Relations for the city of Montreal in Quebec, Canada. Both Gabriele and Henri-Paul are also members of a new network of City Directors of International Affairs, recently launched by GMF Cities. This week’s episode is hosted by GMF’s Paul Costello.