Out of Order

How to Change the World: A Discussion of the Role of Youth in Politics

Episode Summary

Climate change. Health care. Education. Debt. These are just a few of the issues being debated today in the halls of power. The results of these debates will have profound consequences for all of us, but perhaps no group will be more affected than the young. With such a clear stake in the outcome, it might be surprising to learn that as a group, young people are less likely to vote and serve in public offices than older generations. In this podcast, Dr. Christine Huebner of Nottingham Trent University and Scott Warren, co-founder of the preeminent civics education organization Generation Citizen, met with Lauren Burke of GMF Cities to discuss why young people are less engaged in traditional politics, how they are engaging, and the perennial question of whether it is better to effect change from within or force it from the outside. This discussion was inspired by the work of the Cities Fortifying Democracy project. GMF Cities, with the support of Germany’s Federal Foreign Office, is leading a two-year, transatlantic multi-city cohort to explore and advance city practices in strengthening democracy. The project, called Cities Fortifying Democracy, will examine city innovations in governing, voting & elections, public safety & justice, and local journalism.