Out of Order

Future-Proofing the Alliance with NATO’s Head of Policy Planning Dr. Benedetta Berti

Episode Summary

A complex transatlantic alliance of 30 countries, NATO has not been immune to the impacts of the pandemic. From day-to-day operations to bigger picture strategic thinking, the Alliance has had to adapt on many levels. Now as NATO wraps up this extraordinary year, it’s also looking toward the future with the its 2030 review process and recent Youth Summit. On one of our final episodes of 2020, GMF’s Nad’a Kovalčíková is joined by NATO’s head of policy planning, Dr. Benedetta Berti, for a wide-ranging discussion on the Alliance at this moment-- and its vision for the next decade. Dr. Berti also discusses her own perspectives on building a more democratic society, plus her experiences working within the sprawling multilateral organization.

Episode Notes

Credit Music by Patrick Patrikios

Title Music by Zachary Tarrant